Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My mind is a blank.

Dammit - I just thought of something profane, er...profound to post and my train of thought derailed.

New job - less travel (hopefully), but less pay too. Again with the hindsight - I shoulda... I'll probably stick around this place for a while and watch how 3com does in the marketplace. I might shoot for that gig if they actually do well. Or if someone purchases my former employer, I may check that out as well - depending on who that might be.

I'm playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted right now - the game cheats. I'm racing Earl (#9) and doing quite well (8.5 second lead) and the game flips my car during a turn for no apparent reason. No, I did not hit the curb as I was in the middle of the road and I was only doing about 90.

Also, at the most critical moments - my car suddenly loses its ability to turn, leading to a dead stop in the corner someplace. Always when I'm in the lead - never when trailing. 'Tis uncanny the timing -- whenever Earl needs to catch up, my car comes to a stop. If I hadn't restrained myself, I would have punched my fist through the monitor.

Ah well - maybe I'll just go play Soduku. *snort* I wish they put guns or grenades or something brutally and inappropriately violent on the cars.


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