Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hooray for me

My phone is in, I have broadband (almost up to correct speed too) - now I just need for water to stop coming in my house.

All is well - except for that &#!%-ing imbecile that 59Million American dumb-asses put in the White House.

Someone told me that I should support the president since the majority of Americans elected him and his agenda; that I should join mainstream America.

What? (said with as much confusion, scorn, derision, and disbelief that can be mustered in text)

51% of the population determines what mainstream is? Since when? Did I miss that particular memo?

And I thought America was all about independant thought and (responsibly used) freedom of speech, etc. If I don't believe the president is making the correct decisions (and he hasn't yet), I will speak out, I will complain, I will vote against him and his agenda again. Agreeing with the president simply because he is the elected leader still stinks of facism to me.

So I'll stay in my thoroughly blue home state and join the underground with the rest of the 49% of America that doesn't comprise mainstream thinking, and I will speak out on every boneheaded move GWB will make in the next 4 years.


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