Monday, September 13, 2004

People Unclear - pt 2

Some people use gun control to argue for Bush. For the uninformed, Texas under Bush as governor passed a concealed handgun law, allowing for individuals 21 years old (and up) with no crime, mental illness, etc. and certified to carry concealed guns. The people who support this law claim lower crime due to self defense and criminals being aware that anybody might have a gun. The people against it claim it's wild west in Texan streets.

Both sides are moronic.

Under Bush, Texas offered more opportunities to purchase guns than any other state in the country through a loophole that allows people to purchase guns at gun shows with no background check. Texas led the country with 472 gun shows in 1998 -- 222 more shows than the state in second place. San Antonio police testified that 20 percent of guns convicted felons and juveniles used to commit crimes in Texas in 1998 were purchased at gun shows.
[ San Antonio Express-News, 3/18/99, 4/14/99; South Bend Tribune, 2/18/99 ]

Meaning, anyone who wants a gun can get it.

[Texas] State law allows a person to use a handgun with the same deadly force as a law enforcement officer based on as few as 10 training hours. At the time the issue was being debated, those for the law said only the elite or cream of the crop would apply. Since 1996, what has happened is 1000 license holders have been arrested on a variety of charges.

Meaning, any idiot who wants a gun can get it.

Each year there’s only a handful of citizens that thwart a crime with a firearm. Most crimes are committed when the criminal has the element of surprise on their side. Should a criminal discover, or be surprisingly confronted with, a gun, the citizen’s knowledge that he or she has a concealed weapon may get them killed.

Meaning, any idiot who claims self-defense for gun ownership is an idiot.

A quick look through FBI statistics comparing Texas (loose gun laws) and Illinois (tight gun laws) in 2002 show very little difference in crime per 100,000 people - interestingly, burglary is significantly higher in Texas. (Here's the stats)

Don't get me wrong, I am neither for nor against guns as a whole. Gun-owners tout the right to keep and bear arms, but forget that rights bear responsibilities as well. Yes you have the right to own a gun, but you better damn well be responsible for it.

What I do support are measures to control the irresponsible and stupid:
Mandatory gun locks - why is this a bad thing?
No assault rifles - those guns that can fire at full-auto or burst - there is no good reason to own them.
No concealed weapons. Tell me why having only law enforcement (who have had significantly more training then John Public) be allowed to fire weapons outside a target range is a bad thing.

So now, the NRA is going to come after me. I guess I'll have to defend myself with knives to prove my point.


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