Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I just watched "The Punisher" last night and was sorely disappointed. While it's an "OK" movie, it was certainly nothing to rave about - I had high expectations after watching the movies from other Marvel characters.

Spider-man (and SM 2) were quite literally awesome. More than the action, fighting, etc. are the characters. What set Marvel on top in the sixties and later was that their main characters were people first, then superhero. They each had to deal with personal lives and how the 'super' part affected them. They caught that in the Spider-man movies and carried it well, especially in SM 2.

Daredevil - same. I was blown away.

Hulk - not quite up to the level of Daredevil and Spider-man, but still an enjoyable movie. I think they'll do better if they decide to make another. The CGI Hulk was incredible, IMO.

X-Men and X-Men 2 - aside from Jackman and Stamos, the acting was atrocious. But the movies were enjoyable enough.

Punisher? They tried to take a story arc from the comics and blend it in with the Punisher origin. The story arc wasn't that good to begin with. If that were the angle they insisted on using, they should have taken the mini-series drawn by Zeck. The movie came across as if they were making a kinder, gentler Punisher. They blew the story, they blew the character, and the acting was sub-par.

Every comicbook reader complains about these movies because "they're not like the comic."

Yeah, and?

Take a step back from what you know, realize the movies are based on the comics, and let the movies stand on their own. You'll enjoy them much more.


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