Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Election Disappointment

I am amazed at the amount of rhetoric surrounding this year's election. Rhetoric is not really a strong enough word - more like "narrow minded, hard headed bull." I'm surfing around the web and finding more sites that portray Kerry as weak, evil, communist, etc. and Bush as the hero that saved the world. Just as many sites portray Bush as evil, fascist, idiotic, etc. that is ruining this country and pissing off the world.

Please people - just stop. Try to use that intellect of yours to make substantive arguments. If, after that, you agree with Bush and vote for him - fine. At least you formed an opionion based on fact and acted accordingly. Likewise for Kerry.

These swift boat clowns do nothing constructive. "Kerry on Iraq" video just proves that sound bites can be spun into any message you want to portray. Michael Moore proves that facts taken out of context can support any argument.

I'm voting for Kerry - based on Bush's record in the last four years.
- Bush lost 1.8 million jobs
- 4 million Americans lost healthcare benefits
- He's underfunded education. "No Child Left Behind" doesn't work. (Talk to some teachers on that one)
- He's moved environmental improvements backward
- Of the jobs created recently, average income is $9000 less than the jobs lost
- His economic policy encourages out-sourcing jobs overseas
- His Iraq policies have generated more anti-Americanism encouraging terrorism
- He's angered our allies and has been the most devisive president in recent history
- He's taken a record surplus and turned it into a record defecit
- He abused the authority given to him by Congress by not exhausting ways of a peaceful resolution to Iraq issues before going to war

Let's take a closer look at Iraq. Bush invaded Iraq with the initial goal of eliminating WMD - which he insisted was there. Bush fans will talk about bad intelligence. Fine. But the inspectors didn't find any. The UN wanted to look more. Bush went anyway.

Bush stated he would build a coalition to go after the WMD. 90% of the costs, both in financial terms and human life, are American.

So no WMD were found. So Bush started talking about alliances between Hussein and bin Laden - which the 9/11 commission showed didn't exist. In fact, there were more ties between bin Laden and Iran and Syria than Iraq.

So next, the goal was to bring democracy to the Middle East. I'm sorry, invading a sovereign nation with the express purpose of replacing the government with one more friendly toward us is, in my opinion, criminal. But Bush has failed in this regard as well. Iraq used to be ruled by a dictator - OK. Now it is split up and ruled by regional tribal or religious leaders which fosters terrorism. The very thing Bush said he was fighting.

No, Bush is not a hero. His domestic and foreign policies are ruining this nation. I have never been ashamed of being an American until recently. And that is the most disappointing of all.


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