Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The last few days (of course over the holiday weekend) have been the most hectic - trying to find all our financial info for lenders, lawyers, etc. - I faxed roughly 110 pages to the lender last night.

The weekend was good though. I tried launching a couple model rockets with the kids. On a B6-2 engine, Guardian flew like a dream, but landed hard breaking the nose cone. Gemini flew well, but one of the chutes wrapped around the body so the rocket spun around wildly during descent. It survived though, but it really was too windy to launch a rocket with two chutes. Unfortunately, the heat from the ejection charge blistered my beautiful paint job. This is the rocket my kids gave me for my birthday, so I really don't want it wrecked or lost.

And of course since I'm now addicted to flying low-powered model rockets, I went and bought another one - Monarch. I'm hoping it flies as well as the Alpha I lost in the trees after lofting it 650 ft. I had to buy a new rocket - I just finished another one!

I wrote a modelling program for the rockets I've built with the engines readily available and it looks like the Monarch will have the same flight characteristics as the Alpha, which means it will pop the chute before apogee. It won't go as quite as high or quite as fast, but it should still fly well.

The model shows Baby Bertha should fly beautifully and eject the chute just after apogee on a B6-4 or C6-5 engine. High enough to look cool for the kids, but not too high to lose in the trees.

Alright, call me a geek. But there's so much crap on the Internet, why not throw something I enjoy out there too?


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