Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I'm Back

We'll see just how long this goes on for - I haven't posted anything since June 2003.

I have a new job with a startup. Cool product, but nobody seems to have any budget to buy the thing. The job requires a lot of travel though. I cover the central and southeast US, over a third of the country. My boss is a nice guy, though. That is a welcome change from the other company, where my boss would only listen to his friends. No matter how I explained things to him, everything was my fault. The rat bastard gave me a crappy review, no stock options, no raise, then put me on probation. I got the message - you don't want me here despite seven years of sterling reviews from previous managers and outstanding customer satisfaction results. I'll laugh out loud if they buy this current company. In fact, I'll call the guy and laugh out loud.

I'm also buying a house in downtown Chicago - way cool. Though its going to be tough if my suburban house doesn't sell soon. You'd think a house with all the upgrades and remodelling put into it would sell quick. Unfortuanately, we've priced ourselves out of the market.

My kids are doing great - drama at the Piven theater, ballet at Ballet Chicago, gymnastics coached by a former olympian, music at the Sherwood Conservatory, music at DePaul. And one child who hasn't joined anything yet - but wants to play drums.



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