Thursday, August 26, 2004

Homeward Bound

I get to fly home today, or rather I get to sit in an airplane for 4 hours as it flies to Chicago. The longer I'm at this new job, the more cool it seems. The field engineers had an open invitation round table with the developers and management yesterday where we were able to give feedback on what trends and requests our customers are asking for while hopefully setting some prioritize to upcoming features. The developers have done a fantastic job on the next version adding some 'rock-the-world' functionality. We also need some refinements that may or may not trigger more sales or accelerate existing deals, but will definitely help us compete and make the tools look more professional. I think we got that message across clear, that not every request needs to have a dollar figure associated with it.

Of course no company is perfect. Our OEM partner alliance manager (works for us in dealing with the company that OEM's our product) is annoying. He likes to think he's technical, so asks questions. Pointless, inane questions that have nothing to do with reality. Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to jam a sock down his throat.

So, while I'm sitting in my hotel room contemplating this blog again, a wave of Majestic nostalgia washes over me. I take a quick shower to get that particular stench off and check out Megan's and Keri's blogs. Megan's pregnant! And she's getting married! So here's my feeble attempt to offer the biggest congratulations I can - in text at least. Good luck to you as well.


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