Friday, February 10, 2006

just for a change of pace

Just in case someone accidentally stumbles on this page - I'm trying a fresh start at

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


My mind is a blank.

Dammit - I just thought of something profane, er...profound to post and my train of thought derailed.

New job - less travel (hopefully), but less pay too. Again with the hindsight - I shoulda... I'll probably stick around this place for a while and watch how 3com does in the marketplace. I might shoot for that gig if they actually do well. Or if someone purchases my former employer, I may check that out as well - depending on who that might be.

I'm playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted right now - the game cheats. I'm racing Earl (#9) and doing quite well (8.5 second lead) and the game flips my car during a turn for no apparent reason. No, I did not hit the curb as I was in the middle of the road and I was only doing about 90.

Also, at the most critical moments - my car suddenly loses its ability to turn, leading to a dead stop in the corner someplace. Always when I'm in the lead - never when trailing. 'Tis uncanny the timing -- whenever Earl needs to catch up, my car comes to a stop. If I hadn't restrained myself, I would have punched my fist through the monitor.

Ah well - maybe I'll just go play Soduku. *snort* I wish they put guns or grenades or something brutally and inappropriately violent on the cars.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No Creativity

Wow - January was the last time I was here. I'd like to say I was too busy, but more I was too disinterested, or disenfranchised, or disgusted with this whole concept. Tell me why some blogs get more press than others - then tell me how to get that job to review others' oft times inane rantings! (Some even more inane than mine).

Oh, right - lets not complain lest I become cynical. (Too late - *snicker*).

We hired a sales guy two months ago and he definitely has sales skills - unlike the previous schmoe who Right, but the other guy also technical ability either. Oh he used to be an engineer for Cysco (yes, I know how to spell it -- I used to work there too). But hasn't worked high-tech since '95. Shouldn't be an issue, right? I mean, how much has networking technology really changed in the last 10 years?

Man, this 20-20 hindsight really sucks. I wish it worked that well looking forward.

Anyway, the new guy is good. Keeping me busy enough that I've had to change my system for keeping my evaluation customers straight - actually using the company's CRM.

On my other sore subjects, this...ahem...president of ours. I'm hoping if I ignore him, he'll just go away. I've been paying far more attention to the White Sox. Yes, the White Sox. Not the "lovable losers" on the north side, who really are just losers. I've stuck with the Sox through the many lean years and am cautiously optimistic - seeing as they have the best record in baseball right now.

But who gets the press? Last year, the Cardinals got a ton of press because they were dominating baseball. This year - I don't know, but here in Chicago the Cubs still get the headlines. The Sox get headlines - not for winning, but for poor attendance before Memorial Day. The most intellectual response to that is, "duh." Kids are at school you morons. Sox Park is not frat-boy city like Wrigley - it's family oriented baseball. We're setting records now.

Sorry - pontificating again. I would just like the national attention for the team that's actually doing well, not for the team that continuously struggles or chokes with 5 outs left before heading to the World Series. (remember the famous touched foul ball?)

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Done with the Chaos?

Probably not - but now the "joyous" holiday season is over (except for 3 Kings Day on the 12th) hopefully things will at least settle to a manageable level of bedlam and discord.

'Twas so bad - I didn't know about the tsunami until two days later. I have no idea what's going on in the world other than a couple new movies coming that I want to see.

From whence came the chaos? I'm not at liberty to say, sorry.

I am interviewing candidates for a new sales guy in my region. So hopefully the business end will pick up, and I can get back to work chaos which is far more enjoyable. Despite everything, we closed a couple big deals during the last week of the year which put us over quota for the quarter. yippee.

Maybe I'll post something worthwhile in the next few days. Then again, maybe not.